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Garden Villas

2-4 persons (Extra charge apply since 3rd person)

The Garden Villas is located in the middle of the island, with their hedges and flower gardens are designed for those who want to while away their vacation in the elegance of garden environment. The Villas are at nearby area of swimming pool and gym.

Standard Beach Villas

4-6 persons (Extra charge apply since 5th person)

The Standard Beach Villas is set on the white sandy beach where you can enjoy crystal-clear lagoon blessed with rich sunshine and tropical plant of unspeakable beauty.

Private Water Villas

(2-4 persons/Extra charge apply since 3rd person)

The Private Water Villas are featured with unique decor, own your space and enjoy the crystal clear ocean which gives you the amazing feeling by the water sound and breathtaking view. Our private water villas are best for honeymooner and those who eager to while away from busy world. The villas offer full privacy, superb facilities and exclusively service.